Vigil to support refugees at Bonn Square, 1pm 5th March

The last week has seen an escalation in the violence directed at refugees. Riot police were sent in to Calais to help with the destruction of shelters, leaving thousands with nowhere to go. These include hundreds of vulnerable, unaccompanied children, many of whom have relatives in Britain. These children are now prey to traffickers and paedophiles.

Knitting against nuclear weapons


Oxford Women in Black Christmas Vigil for Bethlehem, Palestine (14.12.13)

By Pam Parsons, Women in Black, Oxford

Over the last 5 years  the attention of residents and visitors to Oxford has been caught by a group of women dressed in black standing silently in Bonn Square holding black hands in English Arabic and Hebrew saying “Stop the Occupation” with a banner naming them as “Women in Black, Oxford”.

WIB Vigil for Palestine8th December 2012

In the run up to Christmas, Oxford Women in Black reminded the public of the still desperate situation faced by Palestinians in the "little town" of Bethlehem and throughout Palestine. The granting to Palestine of observer State status at the UN has offered Palestinians a small chink of hope that things may improve. On the ground though things continue to get worse for them.

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5pm Monday 8th October - Council Chambers - All Welcome

Following the last petition, Oxford City Council have been forced to debate on the issue of their mandate to make a decision on demolishing Temple Cowley Pools and Fitness Centre considering they they did not receive as many votes at the last local elecation as number of signatures on the paper petitions signed to Save TCP, is due to take place at City Council Meeting at Oxford Town Hall, 5pm Monday 8th October. All Welcome to democracy (NOT) in action! This is important for the wellbeing of so many women and children and men in Oxford. Please see 'Our Work' section of this website.

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Defence for Children International: Report on Palestinian Child Prisoners

Over 700 Palestinian children a year are arrested by Israeli forces. a large majority of whom are arrested in their homes at night or in the early hours of the morning, and suffer physical violence during arrest or while incarcerated. 

On 20 March 2012, DCI-Palestine launched a new report: Bound, Blindfolded and Convicted: Children held in military detention. to highlight the mistreatment of these children and to call for urgent changes.

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