WIB Vigil for Palestine8th December 2012

In the run up to Christmas, Oxford Women in Black reminded the public of the still desperate situation faced by Palestinians in the "little town" of Bethlehem and throughout Palestine. The granting to Palestine of observer State status at the UN has offered Palestinians a small chink of hope that things may improve. On the ground though things continue to get worse for them. With over 160 people killed by the recent Israeli assault on Gaza, and other Palestinians killed and injured in the West Bank, and the recent announcement by the Israeli Government of the building of housing for thousands of additional settlers on Palestinian land, the situation is ever more desperate.

Despite the close proximity to Christmas, a dozen women from Oxford Women in Black came to Bonn Square in Oxford to stand in silence holding the Oxford Women in Black banner and the Women in Black hands calling for an end to the Occupation of Palestine. At this vigil we also had an eye-catching board with the slogan "BETHLEHEM UNDER SIEGE" and  a display with photos and information about Bethlehem today, and handed out leaflets.

There was enormous interest from the public in the display - and even more in the "3 wishes campaign" where they joined in by sending a Christmas Card to Alistair Burt (Middle East Minister) with wishes relating to the treatment of Palestinian Children in Israeli military custody.

We have over 40 cards to send to Alistair Burt, and collected over £90 for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Thanks to everyone who helped.


Information about the "3 wishes campaign"

To Mr Burt

My three Christmas wishes this year are

  • An end to Israel’s night time raids and shackling of Palestinian children
  • Lawyers, parents and video cameras in all interrogations of Palestinian children
  • An end to transferring children to prisons inside Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention

Please help make my wishes to come true.

Link to more information and to an e-card form http://psc.iparl.com/petition/10

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