Vigil to support refugees at Bonn Square, 1pm 5th March

The last week has seen an escalation in the violence directed at refugees. Riot police were sent in to Calais to help with the destruction of shelters, leaving thousands with nowhere to go. These include hundreds of vulnerable, unaccompanied children, many of whom have relatives in Britain. These children are now prey to traffickers and paedophiles.

European states are closing borders to refugees, trapping tens of thousands in unsafe, unsanitary and life threatening conditions. Refugees trying to escape desperate situations have been met with teargas and batons at the Greece/Macedonia border as they try and find a life with some hope.

Racism is dominating the debate about what governments should do about the refugee crisis, as most European Governments fail to meet their legal and moral obligations to help the refugees.

We call on everyone who wants a humane response to people fleeing war, to join us this Saturday to show support for the refugees. We demand that Governments around Europe including our own, open their borders and turn Fortress Europe into Sanctuary Europe.


Sue Shaw

Ian McKendrick

Sarah Shoraka

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