Women in Black

Why “Women in Black”?

As women we believe peace with justice can be achieved by talking and diplomacy, rather than by force.  We dress in black to mourn all the dead in armed conflicts. We stand together to draw attention to conflict and injustice around the world.

The Middle East connection

Women in Black demonstrations began in Israel in 1988, with women peace activists protesting against the Israeli military occu pation of the Palestinian territories (the West Bank and Gaza).  They still hold weekly vigils in Jerusalem.  Women in Black around the world also protest military action elsewhere.

Why Women in Black in Oxford?

The Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace (NOW) formed in May 2002, for the exchange of information between organizations that campaign for justice and peace.
Women from NOW started Women in Black in Oxford after visiting Israel and Palestine, and joining Women in Black demonstrations with Israeli peace activists.
Subsequent visits to Palestine have highlighted the increasingly ruthless occupation by Israel, and the importance of continuing to protest against the suffering and injustice Palestinians experience on a daily basis. NOW also campaigns about other issues of justice and peace, such as preemptive wars and nuclear weapons.

Recent WiB vigils

During 2011 we have held vigils about Palestinian prisoners, the building of settlements in East Jerusalem, the plight of Palestinian refugees who make up about half of the world's refugee population (see photo), and several about the use of armed drones.


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Saturday, 14 May, 2011