Action against Veolia at Science Oxford Live

Thanks to all of you who supported our action against Veolia at Science Oxford over the past 7 weeks, and special thanks to those of
 you who came out week after week (even in dreadful weather on a couple
of occasions).  It was great to have a united joint effort with Women
in Black and the students' Palestine Society.
All that is left to do is to make sure that the Natural History Museum
and Science Oxford do not take sponsorship from Veolia in future.  If
you haven't already contacted them about this it is not too late!!

The Natural History Museum.
Click on the link below, and go to Feedback and Complaints,
and click on the online visitor feedback form

Science Oxford Live

For more information about Veolia:

And if you want to remind yourselves about the protests there are
still clips on u-tube

Again thanks to all, and keep working to end the Occupation and for
Freedom, Justice and Dignity for the Palestinians

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