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Talk: Humane Behaviour in Time of War

Speakers: Annette Bygott and Mike Lyons


- we will remember them

Germans who had refused to fight Hitler’s war did not feature in the post-war public debate at home or abroad and their stories did not catch the attention of historians until recently. Annette Bygott of Oxford has just finished translating a book which records over 20,000 deserters and war resisters who paid the ultimate price at the hands of the Nazis’ war judges and executioners.

Women's Rights Are Human Rights (NOW's Inaugural Lecture)

NOW is a network of women campaigning around issues of peace, justice and human rights at a local, national and international level. We meet for discussion, activism and solidarity! All ages, backgrounds and interests very welcome.

Speaker: Speakers: Jane Houston (Human Rights Education Consultant, Amnesty International UK) and Dr. Phyllis Ferguson (Gender Studies and Transitional Justice/Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University) Donations, Women only. Wheelchair access

Palestinian Political Prisoners: International Law and the Palestinian Struggle

Sahar Francis, Human Rights Lawyer and Director of Addameer. (Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association) will speak about Addameer's work of support and advocacy for Palestinian political prisoners.
Following our very successful November meeting “Palestinian Prisoners and Human Rights” organised jointly with Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association, Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace are very pleased to be organising this meeting with Sahar Francis, a prominent woman human rights lawyer in Palestine.

5pm Monday 8th October - Council Chambers - All Welcome

Following the last petition, Oxford City Council have been forced to debate on the issue of their mandate to make a decision on demolishing Temple Cowley Pools and Fitness Centre considering they they did not receive as many votes at the last local elecation as number of signatures on the paper petitions signed to Save TCP, is due to take place at City Council Meeting at Oxford Town Hall, 5pm Monday 8th October. All Welcome to democracy (NOT) in action! This is important for the wellbeing of so many women and children and men in Oxford. Please see 'Our Work' section of this website.

Topics - reflection:

Building a Vision for the New Jerusalem

Speakers Include

Linda Ramsden, Director ICAHD-UK

(Israeli Committee against House Demolition)

Elizabeth Jadon,

(Jerusalem Resident)

Meeting Information.

Jerusalem.  How to ensure a just and sustainable peace for all.  What are some of the barriers to this, and how can we overcome them? 

Don't Attack Iran

Speaker: Chris Nineham, Stop the War Coalition.
The drive for a military assault on Iran is gaining ground rapidly, with Britain in the forefront of warmongering actions, such as the stepped-up sanctions announced by the EU in January. As before, the government attempts to justify its intervention with allegations about weapons of mass destruction, as a cover for its geo-political interests and to secure greater control over the region’s wealth, such as oil. At the same time, Britain is pushing for interference aimed at regime change in Syria.

Struggle for the Jordan Valley

Talk by Rosa of the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign

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