Vigil to support refugees at Bonn Square, 1pm 5th March

The last week has seen an escalation in the violence directed at refugees. Riot police were sent in to Calais to help with the destruction of shelters, leaving thousands with nowhere to go. These include hundreds of vulnerable, unaccompanied children, many of whom have relatives in Britain. These children are now prey to traffickers and paedophiles.

Women in Black Vigil against Armed Drones

Please join us for this month's Women in Black vigil to highlight the development and use of armed drones by Britain and other countries including the US and Israel.
During this vigil we stand in silence for an hour, and wear black. Men, as always are very welcome to support this vigil by handing out leaflets and discussing the issue with passersby.

Letter to Oakland Museum of Children's Art

Hilmon Sorey, Board Chair Museum of Children’s Art 538 Ninth Street Suite 210 Oakland, CA 94607 USA.

Dear Mr Sorey, I am writing to you on behalf of the Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace (NOW), an organisation with a membership of over 100 women, which is based in Oxford, United Kingdom.  NOW includes women from all backgrounds and a range of ages, political views, religious beliefs and ethnic groups, who are active in peace and justice campaigns throughout the world.

Topics - reflection:

Women in Black

Why “Women in Black”?

Sat, 05/14/2011
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