Vigil to support refugees at Bonn Square, 1pm 5th March

The last week has seen an escalation in the violence directed at refugees. Riot police were sent in to Calais to help with the destruction of shelters, leaving thousands with nowhere to go. These include hundreds of vulnerable, unaccompanied children, many of whom have relatives in Britain. These children are now prey to traffickers and paedophiles.

Levellers Day 2013

Please see the Levellers Day website here for more information.

The theme 2013 is “Learning the lessons of history”, very appropriate in the year of the anniversaries of both the Ascott Martyrs and the strike at the Bliss Tweed Mill.

Women's Rights Are Human Rights (NOW's Inaugural Lecture)

NOW is a network of women campaigning around issues of peace, justice and human rights at a local, national and international level. We meet for discussion, activism and solidarity! All ages, backgrounds and interests very welcome.

Speaker: Speakers: Jane Houston (Human Rights Education Consultant, Amnesty International UK) and Dr. Phyllis Ferguson (Gender Studies and Transitional Justice/Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University) Donations, Women only. Wheelchair access


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