5pm Monday 8th October - Council Chambers - All Welcome

Following the last petition, Oxford City Council have been forced to debate on the issue of their mandate to make a decision on demolishing Temple Cowley Pools and Fitness Centre considering they they did not receive as many votes at the last local elecation as number of signatures on the paper petitions signed to Save TCP, is due to take place at City Council Meeting at Oxford Town Hall, 5pm Monday 8th October. All Welcome to democracy (NOT) in action! This is important for the wellbeing of so many women and children and men in Oxford. Please see 'Our Work' section of this website.

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Oxford Women's Health and Fitness Under Threat

The huge number of women who would be adversely affected by the closure of Temple Cowley Pools and Fitness Centre has made it an important issue for NOW members.

Sun, 10/07/2012

A Future That Works: TUC March

Austerity isn’t working

Our country faces long-term economic problems. But our political leaders have failed to face up to them.

For the next five years or more, unless policies change the economy will not grow, incomes will not rise, and there will be almost no new jobs.

If the government keeps on with big spending cuts and austerity  we face a lost decade. Even on their own terms government policies are failing. To close the deficit we need a healthy growing economy that generates tax income. But austerity has led to a vicious circle of decline.

Effects of Government Cuts on Women

More information coming soon...

Thu, 05/24/2012

28 May 2011: "Big Society Hospital" Action

Sarah reported that Oxford Save Our Services, Keep the NHS Public and theAnti-Cuts Alliance had a great success last Saturday 28th May protesting against the NHS Bill on Cornmarket Street.

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