Action against Veolia at Science Oxford Live

Thanks to all of you who supported our action against Veolia at Science Oxford over the past 7 weeks, and special thanks to those of
 you who came out week after week (even in dreadful weather on a couple
of occasions).  It was great to have a united joint effort with Women
in Black and the students' Palestine Society.
All that is left to do is to make sure that the Natural History Museum
and Science Oxford do not take sponsorship from Veolia in future.  If
you haven't already contacted them about this it is not too late!!

Topics - reflection:

WIB - Drones

Today 12th Nov, a WIB vigil took place in Bonn Sq on the subject of Drones. It is very concerning that so many people have no idea what they are. If they have heard of them they do not have any idea what they can do and as Drones are very much cheaper than bombers and with no UK military casualties [even when they fall from the skies] most people will see them as benevolent instead of probably illegal under international law

Topics - reflection:

People's Charter to create a non-violent world

News from sisters in Melbourne: "We are going to launch 'The People's Charter to Create a Nonviolent World' in Melbourne, Australia on 11 November 2011 in a major public signing event. The date 11 November 2011 marks the (93rd) anniversary of the signing of the Armistice for The Great War (World War 1) in 1918. The idea behind this proposal is to get people to sign up to a new sense of being involved in a shared worldwide nonviolent movement of 'ordinary' people committed to ending violence in all of its forms."

quote from Buddha

"Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering - an image of death."

Why and how Temple Cowley Pools affects Women

The Save Temple Cowley Pools Action Group is trying to save our swimming pool, gym and other leisure facilities from destruction by Oxford City Council. This site is the main place to come to find out the latest information on the campaign and what the Council is (or isn't) doing.


Letter to Oakland Museum of Children's Art

Hilmon Sorey, Board Chair Museum of Children’s Art 538 Ninth Street Suite 210 Oakland, CA 94607 USA.

Dear Mr Sorey, I am writing to you on behalf of the Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace (NOW), an organisation with a membership of over 100 women, which is based in Oxford, United Kingdom.  NOW includes women from all backgrounds and a range of ages, political views, religious beliefs and ethnic groups, who are active in peace and justice campaigns throughout the world.

Topics - reflection:


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