Oxford Women in Black Christmas Vigil for Bethlehem, Palestine (14.12.13)

By Pam Parsons, Women in Black, Oxford

Over the last 5 years  the attention of residents and visitors to Oxford has been caught by a group of women dressed in black standing silently in Bonn Square holding black hands in English Arabic and Hebrew saying “Stop the Occupation” with a banner naming them as “Women in Black, Oxford”.

Levellers Day 2013

Please see the Levellers Day website here for more information.

The theme 2013 is “Learning the lessons of history”, very appropriate in the year of the anniversaries of both the Ascott Martyrs and the strike at the Bliss Tweed Mill.

Talk: Humane Behaviour in Time of War

Speakers: Annette Bygott and Mike Lyons


- we will remember them

Germans who had refused to fight Hitler’s war did not feature in the post-war public debate at home or abroad and their stories did not catch the attention of historians until recently. Annette Bygott of Oxford has just finished translating a book which records over 20,000 deserters and war resisters who paid the ultimate price at the hands of the Nazis’ war judges and executioners.

Women in Black Vigil - against israel's abuse of Palestinian Prisoners

Please join us in support of the Palestinian Prisoners held in Israeli jails, to protest against their incarceration and abuse by the Israeli authorities. Currently Israel imprisons close to 5,000 Palestinians, most held illegally in jails in Israel. Many are held in “Administrative Detention” (without trial) – detentions which are often renewed for years. DCI (Defence for Children International) Palestine reported 236 children to be in Israeli military custody in February 2013 including children as young as 12 years old.

Women in Black Vigil against Armed Drones

Please join us for this month's Women in Black vigil to highlight the development and use of armed drones by Britain and other countries including the US and Israel.
During this vigil we stand in silence for an hour, and wear black. Men, as always are very welcome to support this vigil by handing out leaflets and discussing the issue with passersby.


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